Founder Chairperson’s Message

From the Founder Chairperson’s Desk
(Sh. K. L. Mina, IAS (Retd.))

Maharaj Vinayak Global University is committed to academic excellence in our classroom; relevant programs in our curriculum; and caring, personal attention to tour students. One of our great strengths is the enthusiastic, personal involvement of our trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and alumni in creating a sense of community. We believe that the opportunity for higher education should be available to all who seek it, and we will continue to meet the ongoing challenges that higher education presents in the years ahead.
Our students are provided with the academic tools, practical skills, and “real world” opportunities necessary to advance as leaders in their professions and their communities. We encourage active participation in an education that challenges critical thinking, provides career preparation, instills values, and inspires lifelong learning. We realize that each student is unique and, as a community. We strive to maximize that unique potential.
World class infrastructure, dedicated teaching fraternity, unimaginable academic achievements have become the rudimentary aspects our development model. Our hope is our student, our belief is our values, and our work is our success. Stakeholder’s roles is unforgettable in this process of untiring efforts for growth.
Leadership, social responsibility and inclusiveness are the ingredients in our recipe to success; the success of MVGU is the conjugation of the quality, creativity and disciplined learning mechanism.
We welcome all young aspirants to be a part of “MVGU Success”, identify unexplored qualities within you and realize your unaccomplished dreams.
We look forward to having you join the Maharaj Vinayak Global University family.