From the President Desk

From the President Desk
Dr. Manohar Bhat

The Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur, is incorporated and constituted by the State of Rajasthan for the sponsoring body, the Maharaj Vinayak Society, which has the meritorious record of running prominent Jaipur Dental College (Popularly called JDC), Jaipur Nursing College, Jaipur Physiotherapy College, Jaipur Occupational Therapy College, Jaipur School of Law and etc
The University peruses to vision by creating an academic community that educates the person by continuously improving our curricular and Co-curricular activities. The University offers undergraduate, post graduate and professional student the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as persons and professionals and the values and sensibility necessary to be men and women for others.
Our University is producing thinkers in various fields, with an ability to address themselves to modern needs of the society after having learned the professional studies in the teaching programmes and courses in our University. The role of our university, according to Alfred North Whitehead, is to “preserve the connection between knowledge and the zest for life, by uniting the young and old in the imaginative consideration of learning”. Though this was written in 1929, this description is still very relevant today. The role of a university is not only to cultivate intellect but also to ignite imagination. We create scholars, not mere academics; produce knowledge creators, not mere researchers. We create professionally competent and socially sensitive transformational change agents who can move society to higher and higher levels of civilization on both developmental and moral scales. The core construct of our university is to promote inter connectivity in an inter-dependent world by promoting cross-pollination between learning disciplines. Even in the rigorous field of scientific research, we help the students to recognize that the spectrum of science is reductionist in content but holistic in context.
Our University is the Centre for Knowledge by undertaking Ph.D. programmes in the subjects which are being taught in our University. We protect and promote the discriminate functions of the mind that can help the student to sift and select information and then transform information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. In doing so, it will create a healthy appetite for trans-disciplinary learning which brings us closer to ‘truth’ than any single discipline. We instill the scientific temper and also create the culture of trans-disciplinary collaboration for conducting scientific research.
Students from number of countries living at present in the academic atmosphere are really an example of Global brotherhood, without any distinction as of nationality, religion and caste, greed etc. This is a starting point for future goal of Global education in the years to come.
I am sure that the University will very soon be a premier academic platform as measured on global standards of higher education with a multi disciplinary educations complex and collaborative research hub.
I invite all the knowledge seekers to join us in this venture. Your cooperation can make all the difference to us in imparting higher education because we create the future by burrowing into disconnected paths and inspiring young people to march towards broad road that leads from the knowledge commons of a university to a new frontier in human civilization.