Admission Process

Admission Process at JSHM

Admission process depends on academic calendar provided by Maharaj Vinayak Global University. Some important information is as following:

Admission Procedure:

  • Obtaining the Prospects & Application form for B.H.M/ Diploma /M.B.A course in Hotel Management and Catering Science in person from JSHM College by paying Rs.500/-in cash. The application form can also be downloaded University website.
  • After filling the application form it should be submitted at the examination center.
  • For the exam date, time & venue, one has to make an enquiry at JSHM.
  • Students should be accompanied with one of their parent on the exam date
  • Enclosures with the registration fees are following original documents along with one photocopy of each Xerox:
    • 10th Mark sheet
    • 12th Mark sheet / Admit Card
    • Residence Proof
    • Migration/ Transfer Certificate
    • Registration form
    • 4 passport size photos (in formals)
    • 1 passport size photo of each parent
  • Within one week of registration one has to deposit the admission fee, failure to which the registration gets cancelled without any claim of refund.
  • Direct Admission to II Year : If candidate has already studied his/her first year from any UGC recognized University or AICTE recognized college, he/she is eligible for admission directly into the second year before 30th November of the academic year.

Fees Payment Procedure:

  • The fees can be paid in lump-sum or in installments.
  • Part payment in installments is not accepted.
  • The fee can be accepted with the fine of Rs.25/- per day after the due date.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted.
  • Fee can be paid in cash or DD in favor of MVGU payable at Jaipur.

Rules & Regulations:

  • It is compulsory for all the students to be well groomed and in proper uniform in the college premises.
  • Students are not allowed to come late to the class. The students coming late by more than 5 minutes will not be permitted to attend class and will be marked absent.
  • Students are not permitted to bring Mobile Phones, cash and any other valuables. In caseof loss, college is not held responsible for the same.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the administrative block without purpose.
  • Strict action is taken against the student in case of :
    • Indiscipline and disregard of college rules.
    • His/her behavior is found to be a bad influence on other students.
    • Damage to College / Hostel property.
  • Parking of vehicles of students is at their own risk.
  • Smoking chewing tobacco / bubble-gum is strictly prohibited in the campus area.
  • Any information furnished by the student, if found misleading, he/she will be responsible for the consequences.

Important Academic Events/Activities Dates are as following,

Sr.No. Events / Activities Date(s)
1 Registration and admission of new Student in all courses. From 1st Aug
2 Date of commencement of academic session of annual scheme 1st Aug.
3 Orientation of new students 2nd Sep.
4 Mid Sessional Test (MST)-I (Theory &Practical) 14th Dec.
5 Declaration of Result – MST-I 3rd Jan.
6 University Remanded Examinations. (Theory & Practical) 1st Feb
7 Co- Curricular, Cultural, Sports etc. event 19th Feb.
8 Mid Sessional Test (MST)-II (Theory &Practical) 19th Mar.
9 Declaration of Result –Remanded Exam By 28th Mar.
10 Declaration of Result – MST-II By 7th Apr.
11 Pre University Exam. (Theory & Practical) 4th June.
12 Last day of Academic Session 20th June.
13 Preparatory Leave 21st June.
14 Declaration of Result – Pre University Exam By 30th June.
15 University Annual Exam ( Theory & Practical) 2nd July.
16 Annual Break 21th July.
17 Declaration of Result – University Annual Exam 30th Aug.

Guidelines for Admitted Candidates


All candidates admitted to Degree / Diploma courses will be required to put in a minimum of 75% attendance during the academic session. Students failing to secure 75% attendance shall be detained from appearing in the annual examinations to be conducted by the JSHM. Principal of the JSHM is empowered to condone up to 10% of absence on medical grounds. Such requests should, however, be accompanied by medical certificate issued by any registered medical practitioner.

For detained and fail candidates

Detained candidates will be re-admitted to the subsequent Semester / Academic Session as repeaters on payment of full fees. Candidates who fail in the Term End Examination/ Final Examination will have the discretion to appear in the subsequent Term End Examination / Final Examination either as a regular candidate after paying the full fees or appear therein as external candidate on payment of the examination fees only.


  • Students are required to maintain strict discipline in the campus. Smoking is prohibited. Consumption of alcohol or drugs during the course of study is an offence.
  • Conduct of the students in their classes as well as in the premises of the Institute shall be such as will not cause any disturbance to the fellow students or to other classes. Principal may expel a student whose work or conduct is not satisfactory and the fee paid will be forfeited.
  • Students are not allowed to carry/use mobile phones or other personal devices during the Institute hours 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.
  • Students must not loiter around in the Institute premises while the classes are on.
  • No student will be allowed to take part in current politics.
  • No student should communicate any information or write about matter dealing with the JSHM administration to the press.
  • Students are expected to take proper care of the Institute's property and to help in keeping the premises neat and tidy. Any damage done to property of the JSHM by disfiguring wall, rooms, fittings or breaking furniture etc. is breach of discipline and are liable to punishment and recover of loss.
  • If for any reason the continuance of a student in the JSHM is in the opinion of the Principal which shall be final, detrimental to the best interest of the institute, the Principal may ask such a student to leave JSHM without giving reason for his decision.
  • Absence without leave is considered a breach of discipline. Leave without permission is liable for fines to be decided by Principal from time to time. No leave will be granted without previous application except in case of illness or emergency. Prior permission must be obtained for all other leave from Principal who will consider the application of individual merits.
  • Non-compliance of the rules of the institute can also be dealt with by means of suitable fines and disciplinary action.
  • Candidates are not allowed any part time job, or any other course of education along with the training. Defaulter shall be terminated with the sole discretion of the Principal.
  • JSHM cannot accept any liability in respect of any accident a student may sustain while engaged in practical work due to any reason.
  • Students should instruct their friends / relatives not to call them on the office telephone. The students are also prohibited to use the office telephone.
  • Parents / guardians are required to obtain progress report of their ward in the first week of every month, on any working day.
  • The JSHM shall not be responsible for any loss, theft, and damage to the valuables like cell phones, rings, watches, cash or other valuables brought by a student.