About Us

Department of Education

“I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit”.

Department of Education has been started by Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur. The parent body of MVGU is Maharaj Vinayak Society which has young, dynamic and result oriented team of highly qualified educationist. The Department of Education was established in session 2016-17.

At present the department is recognized as a progressive Teacher education institute in the State. It is known for its quality of education and innovativeness. The teaching program involves not only practicing new ideas and concepts but also acquiring skills to act on those concepts to generate personal understanding and articulate the same. It has to its credit a number of innovative practices like utilizing education technology, education of exceptional children creativity in teaching and learning and models of teaching in the field of educational research. This department has been working on a number of projects in the area of educational technology. It emphasises on teaching and learning, evaluation of text book prescribed by Rajasthan School Board, teacher education, educational management, development of personality and adjustment, development of audio material and computer assisted material, mental health, advanced statistical techniques in behavioral science and educational research. The educational programme of the department are innovative unique in methodology with practical experience. It prepares the future teachers to meet professional challenges and community needs.


The mission of the Department of Education, Maharaj Vinayak Global University is to promote the development of harmonious personality and to maintain Indian culture by providing value based teacher education.


The following goals have been laid down by department of education to realize the vision and to fulfill the mission of Department of Education of Maharaj Vinayak Global University.

  • Healing touch with unique career.
  • Dynamic observation about aptitudes, attitudes and career.
  • To provide effective training.
  • Teaching through highly experienced core and by visiting guest faculty.
  • To provide hi-tech computer laboratory and modernize Library.
  • To provide complete education and placement.
  • To conduct group discussion for developing personality career and future life to face and accept the challenges.
  • Excellent academic results.
  • To prepare complete leaders through harmonizing terminology and principles for using knowledge and skill of the advancement of human welfare.
  • Enhancing creativity and problem solving skills in students.
  • To keep teaching, learning process in interactive and participative.

Objectives of the Organization

  • To nurture inner urge for learning and development of positive attitude towards teaching profession.
  • To impart quality teacher education among pupil and teacher to enlighten, liberate and empower them.
  • To develop the student by keeping in mind the global development in various fields, especially teaching-learning process in a multifaceted role.
  • To acquaint with subjects and its application to curriculum transaction and evaluation.
  • To prepare competent, committed and creative teacher who are ready to work locally and globally.
  • To develop the inbuilt abilities of the students by providing them platform to take leading role in different programmes, co, curricular, activities and teaching learning process.
  • To create awareness upon different issues like environment, female foeticide, pollution, population, communal harmony and national integration.
  • To enhance creative and critical thinking by rewarding excellence in curricular and co. curricular activities.

Some unique features of the Department of Education

  • An exceptionally fascinating.
  • Wi-Fi Campus.
  • Play Ground.
  • Internship & Research Opportunities.
  • Travel Opportunities for student.
  • Facilities for good health and wellness.
  • Campus Safety.
  • Leadership Opportunities.